here is a manikin i am making to sell at the Country Living Fair. she's as assemblage of sorts and this is her beginning phase. she will have a layer of paper mache, then collage of vintage text, a skirt and more!

funny kid alert - as soon as this little guy saw my camera, he started hamming it up.

here is what i made in my last soldering class

here's dillon's girlfriend, Adrianne, who attended the class. she made this cool, funky pendant (how cute is she?). unfortunately i forgot to get pictures of Carol and Mary's pieces -sorry!

here was a new table at the Collingswood flea market that i like to hit on Friday's. i didn't buy much from her as her prices were a little high for me, but she had really great stuff. very old pieces, unique and rare. she really knew her stuff too and was really interesting to talk to.