Round Robin necklace returns home

Well, after being away for almost 10 months, my round robin necklace has returned. it started off with me picking my theme and then creating the focal image. my theme was "renaissance woman". I soldered a 2x2 square with my image and also added some lace and a red bird feather. from there it was sent off to all the participants who would then add to it. i chose to rework the necklace (for balance) after it arrived home as their were so many pieces and most of them of the large side. i've made it so that the other pieces that aren't currently on the necklace can be changed as i want. i also added the keys and crown charms since i felt it needed more texture. the bottom charm was a charm that i really loved, but couldn't seem to get it to work anywhere up higher on the necklace, so i hung it on some tiny pearl chain and dangled it with the keys and i think it is perfect there. i wore it to work the other day and its definitely a show stopper. it makes a lovely jangly noise as i move about. thanks to all the Charmsters who participated.