we are in california

dillon and i arrived in San Francisco yesterday around 10:30. after picking up our car, we drove to Fisherman's Wharf to get a bread bowl at Boudin's restaurant. then we headed out for our drive north east into the Sierras to Bass Lake to see my mom. Our "awesome" gps system took us on a prolonged route and both our cell phones died, but we arrived safe and sound. I'm very stressed out though, because tuck woke up sick yesterday. jeff had to take him to the doc after he spiked a temperature. he's now on steroids and antibotics. and yes, we had him swabbed again for swine flu. we will know immediately today if he tested positive for influenza A. what are the chances of tuck getting swine flu twice? not high, but you know what? we aren't lucky people, so i wouldn't be surprised...... i am a bundle of nerves and find it hard to be here and so far away. it is a lot to take care of tuck when he isn't ill and now for jeff to be there alone - it's unbearable to me not to be there to help and do my best to comfort tuck.