book class with Judy

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I am home from my weekend book class with Judy Wilkenfeld, held in Gladwyne, PA at Bee Shay's studio. It was great because i knew everyone but one person there. Jane and i came together. Leslie was there. Pam was there. i got to meet Seth in person for the first time. Judy of course, was there and then i got to meet Karen.
We all made beautiful books and learned so much. judy is so talented and generous. she shares much with her students and is always nearby to lend a hand or help solve any sort of attachment issues. she's very clever and has wonderful ideas on making things work. i highly recommend a class with her. her next venue is in a few weeks in California at the Carol Parks Studio.
many thanks to Bee Shay for having us in her AMAZING studio. our lunches were fabulous and the atomosphere so relaxing and comfortable. we really appreciated her sharing her muses, Grady & Teddy with us. i was sad to see the weekend come to an end.