books, jewelry and classes

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here is my book from Judy's class this past weekend. i didn't get any of the inside pages done. i just played with my cover. my thought was to make it look really old, but also as if it was falling apart and somone tried to repair it with some handmade stitching, etc. on the inside and the side panel, i used this wonderful old upholstery fabric picked up at the flea market. it has these beautiful birds on it. and it is quite fragile and frays easily, which was a plus for my book! i also used as a signature an old men's leather toiletry bag that i had deconstructed.

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and look at this yummy necklace! Barbe St. John and i did a necklace swap with each other when we met up for dinner in San Fran last week. i just love it. everyone is quite taken with it (strangers and friends alike!) thanks so much Barbe. i sure wish i could get that girl on a plane to visit me! (hint hint)

In other news, i'm planning some classes for Nov. and early Dec. when i finally get a break in my schedule. you can read about it on my other blog, Jersey Jypsies.