frog and butterfly

on thursday during the soldering class , a few of us took a break and went outside for some fresh air. Christina's son Max was standing next to me and a deck chair. he moved the chair pillow and found a tiny little frog. it was the prettiest blue/gray color. so i scooped him up to go show jeff, since we love little frogs and that was the first one i've seen all summer. anyway, as quick as i picked him up, he jumped right out of my hand and was gone. so the next morning as i was watering the plants on the deck, i decided to look behind all the pillows and ended up finding 2 more frogs. so that was fun. a pretty orange one and a gray camouflage one. they were very cooperative during their photo shoot. the little butterfly flew by around the same time.

i'm sad to report that the little baby squirrels i discovered in a bird house next to the front door did not make it. i don't know if the area was too high traffic or if it was too hot, but it seems as if mom abandoned them. really bums me out.