what will $20 buy you?

it started in the garden when i found some wisteria growing under a bench. (my neighbor has the biggest, oldest wisteria tree in her yard and it sends seeds to our yard). it was a really long piece of wisteria; about 6 feet long. i looked at it thought, wow, this would be cool to wrap around something. so i didn't whack it, cut it or pull it. it's continued to grow and grow until recently when i mentioned this project to my husband. so we dug out these two free columns that we pilfered from a dumpster. they've been sitting under our deck waiting to be called into service. last week at the New Egypt flea market, i saw in the scrap yard, tons of metal stuff; so i dragged jeff there yesterday and we bought 2 pieces of salvaged metal railings for $20. i thought one of them would be the perfect thing to run between the 2 columns and then wind the wisteria through. so what do you think?