Hi, fromOhio

Sorry, no photos tonight as i don't have my card reader and i am borrowing this laptop to blog quickly. It was a long drive yesterday, but fun. we made a pit stop at an antique store in Somerset,Pa. to stretch our legs and have our lunch (my yummy homemade tuna).

we've been at the fairgrounds all day setting up our booths, shopping, drinking the most fabulous lemonade. back to the shopping - SO COOL! i took lots of pictures and really didn't get to see everything as many people were still setting up. i bartered with Dorothy from "Pretty in pink" for a doll shadow box and she'll pick out a necklace. i bought a few things that Iused as last minute displays and a DARLING children's desk all grungey, with fabulous green, chipped paint - AND did i say it was from China? it is so great. it has all sorts of graffiti where kids craved stuff into the desk.

so we are heading out to eat right now.busy days begins tomorrow!