it's crunch time

Well, i leave next Wednesday for Ohio. it's about a 7-8 hour drive. we will set up on Thursday and then the show is Fri, Sat and Sun. I am in tent #4. i think i am done with projects and now need to finish booth decisions, start pricing and then pack up. i want to take photos of my jewelry, but we've been having a few rainy days, so i'll try to wait until the sun is out. also, my booth preparation got stalled when i discovered a foul odor coming out of the chimney. i suspected a nest in the chimney, so a chimney sweeper was called, but of course it was the weekend and holiday weekend at that, so we had to wait until yesterday for him to get here. so he cleaned the chimney, removed squirrel's nest with deceased squirrel, disinfected it and viola! so now i can get back in there and get to work!