heading into Port Townsend

oh my gosh, i have been going through my pictures all day trying to get them blog ready. i only took about 400 or so photos! good grief. my eyes are buggy right now! this collage is pictures from us taking the ferry from Seattle over to Bainbridge Island.
we got up early in the morning, showering, packing and then off the breakfast to a cute little bakery
right across the street. i gave keli and jennifer a matching pair of sunglasses that i found for myself recently. i thought they'd be fun to wear around Journalfest.

we hit the road and headed to the ferry terminal. the ferry ride takes about 25-30 minutes. it was a very foggy day over the Puget Sound. it had been rainy quite hard right before we got on the ferry. as we got closer to Bainbridge Island, it started to clear up. we were delighted to see several bald eagles perched on some pilings as we drew closer to shore. (check out the 2nd row, 7th picture in the collage above to see them!) after disembarking, it took us about an hour to get to Port Townsend. the ride was lovely with all the fall colors and the weather cleared up beautifully. We hit the town running with our first stop being an antique store. from there it was a casual walk about town, a lovely lunch in a charming little cafe, new shoes for me and then off to Fort Worden to register ourselves and to get Keli settled into her house.