not much new to report

bags are packed. am just about ready to leave on tuesday for Seattle. today i pulled my shift at Sea and Green, in Pt. Pleasant, where i sell some of my art and jewelry. (i work there one day a week). i actually haven't been there in awhile, as Mr. Lemoncholy (aka jeff) has been working my shifts for me so that i could get things ready for Country Living Fair, Art and Soul and Art-is-you. been a busy month or so! so i decided to give him the day off today (hehe) so that he could watch football. he actually enjoys going there and he is a really good sales person. i'm the artist. i like to be in my studio, not out there hawking my wares! anyway, it was really slow today, as the weather is really gross (gray, cold, drizzly, windy). i think its going to remain pretty slow til the holiday shopping picks up. i brought some work to do, pricing some jewelry to put out, etc. and i have to update my website so bad. i'm don't know how i am suppose to do all these little extra things. i feel like teaching dillon some of the web stuff and pay him a few dollars to "handle it". one day at a time i suppose. anyway, i made a few of these cute skeleton girls, inspired by my friend, Vivian. and hung some of them up in the shop. they sure are festive! tomorrow i have a few errands to run, so i might stop and get some Halloween shots from a few of the stores downtown. i think that i would be fun to blog some of the window displays. ciao!