blog giveaway!

I've been feeling a little lonely on my blog lately as i've noticed the comments dropping off considerably. supposedly there are 181 readers blog readers out there and i want to hear from you! i know many of you like to stay quiet and just read, but once in awhile, it is nice to know if someone is paying attention to what i am saying! I've decided to give back and am hosting a blog giveaway starting tonight until Friday, Dec. 11th. you will win a pendant similar to the one in the picture below (that comes on a chain), only using the initials of your choice. you can give this as a gift or keep for yourself - it is up to you. i will create it in enough time to get it to you in case you want to give it as a gift.
what do you have to do? just leave me a comment. let me know that you are here and keeping up with me! i thought it'd be fun to talk about our Christmas wish lists. what is on your wish list this year? it can be ridiculous, silly, practical, wishful thinking - whatever! i just want to hear from you. my only other rule is that you have to comment here, on my blog, not on my facebook page when the feed shows up on my wall!

So what is on my christmas wish list this year? I would love a gift certificate to dick blick and then walk into their store and buy anything i wanted without worrying about the final tally! my fantasy Christmas wish would be to go to Spain with a group of artsy girls who also have the same desire to go there. i also have a secret Christmas wish that i will keep to myself as it is a wish just for me. feel free to pass this blog giveaway along in the spirit of giving.

And to my regular commenters, i just want to say thank you!