black friday continued!

Today was black friday open house at Summerhouse. it was a fun day. lots of festive wares to look at, yummy red velvet cupcakes, hot apple cider and more. weather wise, the day started off pretty nice. then later, it turned a bitter cold with a nasty wind whipping through the town. Brrrrrr! But Santa stopped by for the tree lighting ceremony, we saw elves and fairies, a beautiful horse pulling a lighted buggy and lots of participants wearing Santa hats. My girlfriend Jane, her daughter Claudia and sister stopped by for a hello and some shopping. Also my friend, Marlene, came in, good to see her again. Thanks for the support ladies!

I want to dress like this manikin.

Jane, Claudia and I

Marlene and I

Joanna, Kathe and I

button bracelets

snowman bottles and one of my collages

glass tiles necklaces

more button bracelets

in other news, if you missed the post about my blog giveaway, you can read about it here.