tuck's b-day bash and other fun things

On Wednesday, we went into NYC to see Wicked. we had such a great time. it wasn't very cold or windy; so the walk around the city was nice. My niece is into Project Runway, so we took her to Mood. she was quite thrilled and promptly called her best friend in California to tell her where she was. Wicked was AMAZING. the set, the costumes, the acting, the singing, the story - Oh My! it was really great. i'm thinking of taking dillon to it for his birthday this spring. we finished up our day with a trip to the Hershey and the M&M store before meeting my BIL for dinner.

and how funny is this? we are at the train station in Seacucus when i hear someone say, "are you Kecia"? it's always an odd sense to be out in the world and away from your home turf and hear someone calling your name. it was Karen Cole, who i met this summer in Pennsylvania at Judy Wilkenfeld's book class. she was the one who pointed us in the direction of Mood.


we had a small party for tucker with some family and friends. we enjoyed yummy food and my delicious cupcakes (if i do say so myself!) the birds were a hit. tucker gets quite wide eyed when they started making their little chirpy noises.