girls day out

Today i took my friend, Michele out for her belated birthday. (it was in May and we had this same day all planned out and i goofed it all up, so it didn't work out). first we went to the flea market, which was absolutely FREEZING! we got a few things, but not much. one fun thing i got was a vinyl record of "Rocky Horror Picture Show". the graphics are really cool. i thought it'd be cool to frame and hang up in Dillon's room as art. also on the free table i got a whole bag of vintage Christmas stuff. too much to take a picture of. i guess some vendor tried to sell it today and then decided it was too cold and left it all on the table. it was like a feeding frenzy at the free table!

then we headed up north to meet Jane in Montclair. We wanted to go shopping at Parcel and then go check out Urban Outfitters and Anthropology. Parcel was so fun! friends have been telling me to go there for ages, but i rarely get up North - but i am so glad we went. my special purchase today was the darling little pink stocking in the top right corner of the collage.

and how lovely is this little doll? my husband gave her to me yesterday as a KK. we have a tradition that started in my family years ago, called "KK", after Kris Kringle. in my family what we use to do was pick a family member name and then you were their KK. that meant that you bought them a main gift, but you also left little gifts for them throughout the season. another version of Secret Santa, i suppose! anyway, we do KK in my family now, but we do it where we give out little gifts now and then to anyone in the family. (like i recently KK'd Tucker with a cool blanket). it's a great way to let each other know that we are thinking of them. Jeff always gets me a Starbucks gift card at the beginning of December as a KK so that i can go get my eggnog lattes whenever i want to!