my sweet little doll tree

In September, when we were driving home from Country Living Fair, we took a break from driving to get coffee and do some antique shopping. we found this unassuming little hole in the wall antique store that was chocked full of stuff. And in the back room, it was ALL vintage Christmas! i was in heaven, digging through boxes and boxes. i started a little shoe box of my treasures. what i bought mostly were tiny little Christmas decorations, such as tiny snowmen, little bottle brush Christmas trees, a pink flocked deer, tiny little glass ornaments, darling mini candy canes and more. so when i started decorating for the holidays i dug this all out, but was kind of afraid to decorate with it because it was all so tiny. i was afraid it would get lost in the shuffle during clean up time and i wanted it to all stay together. So the other day i was at Marshalls and saw these silver Christmas trees with bells all over them. i thought they looked like the perfect form to create a body with. So i added a Charlotte doll head, removed the bells and then started decorating it with my tiny little treasures. I just love how she turned out.