Would you be my Valentine?

i'm kind of tired of getting really lame snail mail. it usually consists of bills and junk mail; occasionally a magazine. not very exciting. recently i found 2 boxes of vintage Valentine's Day cards at the flea market. they really took me back to the day in elementary school on Valentine's day when all the cards were collected and put into the special container we had made to hold our cards. i loved reading all of them and honestly, felt very special by them! As an adult, it is very rare that we get many Valentine's cards. Our husband, our child, sometimes a friend, might give us one - but not like when we were young! so i was thinking about how could i do something fun with these cards and i decided that i want to exchange Valentine's cards with you! this isn't a swap, there is only one rule: please only participate in this if you will truly follow through. i don't think that is asking too much! your card does not have to be vintage or handmade (both would be preferred, but not required), just send it with love. Cards should be sent out no later than Monday, February 8th so that we receive them on time!

if you would like for me to send you a Valentine day card and you send one back to me, then email me at keeshagirl4@aol.com and we can exchange addresses.