creativity at work

have you ever bought something just because you really liked it? no clue about what you would do with it once you got home, but it was just something that appealed to you? well i did that with this old wooden umbrella skeleton. it was $5 at the flea market and i just liked it. i figured for $5, what the heck. it sat around for a few weeks and then one day when i was organizing things i picked it up and started walking around my room with it. then for some reason i thought, well, i'll hang it upside and then put stuff on it. At first i added my hats to it, but they didn't stay up there very well. then i tried my headbands. again, not the right thing. and then all of a sudden, i knew - i'd hang my necklaces from it and it was perfect!
i wish the pictures were better - but it was kind of hard to really capture what the umbrella looks like (it's just a thin metal wire umbrella) - but anyway, you get the idea. i love the gypsy look of it and am going to tie one of my old chiffon scarves up a little higher on the wooden handle.

if you missed yesterday's post, I posted a new class for my first guest artist, Pamela Huntington. you can read about it here. 4 seats have already been sold!