Guest Artist coming to Lemoncholy's Studio!

On Saturday, May 1st, Lemoncholy's Studio will be hosting its first guest artist. come meet the very talented, Pamela Huntington, who will be teaching her hugely popular Wonderland journal to us. I specifically sought out Pam to be my first guest artist as she is a wonderful teacher, her projects are so much fun to create and we will learn much! Pam is a very sweet and giving individual and I welcome her warmly to Lemoncholy's Studio. please email me at for more information.

date: Sat. May 1st
time: 11:30-5:00
cost: $85 plus a $15 kit fee
location: 1606 oxford lane
wall, nj 07719

A Wonderland Journal with Pamela Huntington

Did you ever wonder what Alice’s Journal of her
Wonderland Journey might have looked like? In this class we
will create a magical, whimsy filled fabric journal of her( or
your) adventures. “What is the use of a book, thought Alice,
without pictures or conversations”. We will create a book
filled with pictures and visual conversations. Stuffed with
adventure and lace. All sorts of ideas for creating a rich
layered page will be explored. Including stamping on velvet
and gel transfers onto different surfaces and using organza to
make an ethereal looking fabric collage on a page. To
embellish the cover we will create a resin filled bezel
containing a tiny collage and, or charm. This will be a day of
fun creating and adventure. And if the Alice theme is not your
pleasure, bring your own ideas and pictures for your journal.
The journal is approximately 5 x 7 and as stuffed with
fun as we can possibly make it!

a little more on Pam:

Pamela Huntington
Left New York City many years ago and landed
like Alice in a sort of strange wonderland deep in the
woods of Connecticut. Immediately, she began to
look for haunting flights of fancy, curious old recipes, vintage oddities and ephemeral pages stashed in old
cupboards. And that is where the folly began…mixed media, collage, handmade books, tiny theaters began to
fill the house in the woods… objects of everyday tucked
into shadowboxes taking on the patina of age, tiny
beeswax creations adorning the library of imagination and so on…to be continued.. In the meantime finished works available in various galleries and published in
Cloth Paper Scissors, Somerset Studio:

find more about Pam here: