new work and Paws for Charity 2010

i call her "pastry tip" girl. she's actually kind of big for a necklace, but i really wanted to use this really cool vintage pastry/cake decorating tip. it has a really cool patina to it. i used my engraver and engraved some design around it as well. i have some more in the works. not as big as her, but still big! i'll take them pics later!

these are some earrings i am working on to sell at Art Opera, which is coming up in a few weeks. On Saturday, April 10, there is a vendor faire from 10-5 as part of the event. unfortunately i do not any more details than that, but as soon as i know, i'll post the location.

i just wanted to show my submission for 2010's "Paws for Charity" book. i call it paper mosaics, which i used to do a lot of (along with mosaics). i use to paint wood toy chests and then do a paper mosaic on the top of them. they were cool. and i also used to do a lot of mosaics using shabby chic-ish vintage china, but i stopped doing them as they are hard to sell. (although i did sell all my big mosaic mirrors, so that was nice). i am working on incorporating some vintage china pieces into my jewelry and will be working on some mixed media mosaic pieces as well (just a few small things) to play around. it's fun to experiment.