100 strangers

i was catching up on some blog reading in the last few days (tucker's sick and i find i cannot create when he is ill; so i use my time in other ways; such as blog reading!) i was reading up on my friend, Kelly Snelling's blog and i read a post she did on a photo project called "100 strangers". It sounded so intriguing to me that i headed right over to the website and then checked out their flickr page. I think i will join in. the idea is to take photographs of strangers and then post them. but you have to ask their permission first (no candid shots) and then double check if it is okay to post their picture on flickr.

i always have my camera with me and i'm not shy about speaking with strangers. as a matter of fact, i enjoy striking up conversations with strangers. so i think i will quite enjoy this.

the picture of this lady is a perfect example of 100 strangers. unofficially i will count this as my first photo. i took it last summer at the flea market. i noticed this woman walking around and was just fascinated with her outfit and of course, i just loved the pin she was wearing - it said "I (heart) flea markets" . so i started speaking with her and she told me that she loves to dress up and go to the flea market (now my friend, abbie, got another story out of her, where she told abbie she loves to dress this way for her man!) so anyway, after speaking with her for a few minutes, i asked her if i could take her photo. so as i start getting my shots, i'll post them on my blog.