blog party & Cecil Brunner

yikes, i'm a little late on the as i almost forgot! Andrea over at Vintage Bella Studio, is hosting a blog party today, called "show what you create". in case you are new to my blog, I create mixed media and jewelry using vintage found objects. i let my imagination take over and i never have a game plan for a project; it usually just sort of happens with these elements. I'm also the newest design team member for These are a few of the things that i was working on this week:

"Mermaid's dowry"


"welcome to the doll house"

thanks to for hosting this blog hop.
and in other news:

i've been dying to snag some good photos of my climbing rose bush while the buds were all open. isn't it amazing? right now the front door is so fragrant. just lovely. i only have a few more days to enjoy before the petals start dropping and my front porch looks like a light snow blossom storm blew by. this rose bush goes all the way to the 2nd floor of the house and occasionally it has been known to grow inside my window! when you get to the top step before opening the doorway, you really have to bend you head with all the flowers that are growing right there. there are a couple of birds who enjoying hanging out there. if i was a bird, i'd probably stay there too!