Q&A, jr. prom,and other such stuff

this is an interesting photo i took on the back deck. i have a potting bench that has old metal spoons hanging from it. they are getting rusty and looking cool. when i was back there the other day, i noticed the Japanese honeysuckle, which is blooming right now, was reflecting in the spoon. i loved the effect and mood it created.


if you are interested in reading my Q & A from Object and Elements, you can read it here. it was just a little "get to know ya" type of questionnaire as part of my intro as the newest design team member.

here's a couple of photos of Dillon and Alana from Jr. Prom. Dillon is wearing the jacket and vest that Alana's dad was married in. her brother also wore them to one of his high school events. He looked very James Bond-ish. love the color of Alana's dress. And Alana's mom had the florist make the corsage and boutonniere out of her own orchids; which i thought was pretty cool.