Cape May for the day

yesterday i drove down to Cape May (furthest southern point in New Jersey), a charming Victorian town on the water. Jane was staying there for the weekend with her daughter Claudia and her sister Jenn. We had a wonderful day (albeit a SWELTERING hot one at over 100 degrees). we spent alot of time in the water or under the umbrellas. we took a nice walk and even found ourselves a few heart shape rocks.

when we had enough of the heat on the beach, we headed back to their hotel to jump in the pool for awhile. the pool water was warm, but it felt good to cool down (since i won't go past my knees in the ocean - too cold for me!)

after we all showered up, we did a little shopping and then enjoy a delicious Italian dinner. Then it was time for me to head home (Jane generously invited me to stay over, but i am so anti-traffic that the thought of getting trapped in Sunday traffic persuaded me otherwise!) I got home around 12:30am, read for a little bit and then hit the hay.

update - this is fun, i found one of my photos on this blog today: