design on a dime

this is the back of our house. it's kind of ugly to me; not landscaped, dead grass, tree stumps, etc. we were suppose to do an addition back here, but you know how that goes. but it's not something i really want to stare at ya know? so i decided to create a natural barrier to create privacy and so i wouldn't have to look at this "dead space".

i took an old picnic table bench and then i potted some bushes (have no idea what they are). i put 3 of the pots on top of the bench and then 2 of them of each side and viola! a nice little privacy wall. recently we had to repot all the bushes, so i thought i'd take photos to show what a difference some greenery can make.

and here is a precious picture of miss lilly (my himalayan princess!) who was sitting on a bench leaning over these coneflowers as if she were smelling them. notice her little paws curled up underneath her. so cute!