flea market friday - join in!

Today was a busy day and i only had a few minutes to walk around the flea market before i needed to be home to teach a soldering class. i decided i would only go down the first 2 rows and then i needed to head home. Well, at the end of the first row, i hit the best vendor. i got gobs of jewelry, 30 religious medallions (each one is different!) and lots of really old, beautiful lace. now don't hate me when i tell you that all this was only $30!

I'm going to start doing post every friday on flea market goodies, so if you'd like to join in on Flea Market Friday and show us goodies that you have gotten at the flea market, thrift or antique store, that'd be great! just leave a comment with your blog addy so we can come take a look at your post.