love of nature

yesterday as i was out in the yard watering my hydrangeas, i heard the cutest little chirp and of course i had to find out where it was coming from. i ran inside and grabbed my binoculars and camera. scanning the back yard i heard the chirp again and located the source high up (about 30feet) in my big oak tree. it was a little fledgling robin. i figured maybe baby was resting from flying. i noticed it kept hopping about on the massive tree limb and then i realized baby was waiting for momma to come back with some food. it was difficult to crane my neck and try to get photos at the same time, so i had the bright idea of climbing up on the shed which was close to the tree. i figured the height would be better to watch and photograph my new friend. i grabbed the old bunk bed ladder from dillon's fort/hangout area and leaned it up against the shed. then i climbed up but had to hoist myself up on the shed (not a pretty site as i'm not exactly Miss Nimble anymore!) but it was the perfect view to watch.

baby would sit patiently and wait for mom. before mom even came into range of my sight, i noticed baby would start squawking. then mom would land with some food, feed baby and fly off again. it was fun to watch. i couldn't figure out how the baby would know mom was close, because she didn't make any noise and had food in her mouth. but baby always knew when she was getting close.

after i got the pictures i wanted, i realized that i was not going to be able to climb down the ladder (easier going up then down!) so i decided my only option was to jump off the shed and onto the trampoline, which is what the kids do (and it is pulled up right along the shed). i put my camera as close to the edge of the shed to grab later and jumped. (again not a pretty site and glad no one was watching!) then i dusted myself off, grabbed my camera and went back to watering. that's how i roll.