A re introduction

I am excited to announce that the revamping of my website is finally complete!  there are a few technical glitches here and there, but we are working on them. In Feb. after Kirby (my sweet golden retriever) past away, I started feeling overwhelmed by all my obligations and one of them was my website. it was too much  to try and sell off the website and etsy at the same time. i just couldn't keep up with it. i was finding all the work of listing, photographing, etc. to be to much. i decided i wanted my website to be more informational and directive (links to my blog, etsy, etc.) somewhere along the way, i met online, Myrna, of Foxglove Tonic. We started talking about this and that and somehow we ended up in  a bartering agreement with her helping me with my website in exchange for a necklace using some of her cherished pieces (i think i got the better end of the deal personally!)  I am so grateful for all the work she has done for me, considering i am not all that technical and the website has been something of a burden, something hanging over my neck to tackle. i also got a new template from Avalon Rose which is more my style.
so when you have a second, stop on by to see the new look.

next up, reopening my etsy shoppe and adding in some goodies!