Art-in-the-Rough - behind the scenes prep

After Dillon and i spent the night in Marblehead, Massachusetts (those pictures to come later), we continued our drive onto Charleston, Maine. We arrived to a busy group of friends (Taryn, Scott, Robin, Shaun, Emma, Rachel and Stan). they were hard at work getting things in place for the upcoming event. 

Dillon and i dove right in and asked for jobs and we all set about getting stuff done. it was hot, but not hard work; lots of decorating, merchandising, stringing lights, etc.

(pool area)
(outdoor shower area)
(sink/vanity area)

shadow picture photo opp of taryn and i

as seen in the yard!

tents are going up!

the man crew hard at work. they were dubbed "thing 1, thing2 and thing 3"
tent city
me stringing lights (nice pony bun!)

as seen in the yard!
smile Dillon!
Taryn very hard at work while Lillian, their pup supervises
ever seen a Maine sunset? well, put it on your list. it is amazing.
sunset over the tents and cornfield
inside Taryn's house, we are starting to prep goodie bags. couldn't resist snapping a photo of her auction lamp. (she's lucky i didn't put it in my bag when i was leaving!)

prepping the goodie bags. how awesome are these vintage potatoe sacks Taryn got at an auction?

pins that Taryn made for attendees- each one was different

       that's all for now! stay tune for more photos!