images for Sunday

I'm doing Jill's rosette swap, so i have been practicing making some and getting my style and flair down before deciding which one will go off to my swap partner. I always worry that i will end up picking a color that they aren't fond of, so i guess i'll make a few more neutral tone ones as well. if you were my swap partner, which one grabs your attention first?


more images from the garden to enjoy:

do you know what this interesting creature is? it is a hummingbird moth. this is only the 3rd time i've ever seen one. i think they are cool and they do look like tiny hummingbirds at first.


this is the inside of a gigantic hibiscus


and a lovely Monarch stopped by to feed on some juicy nectar from a butterfly bush


Happy Sunday! I am off to pick up my flea market cowboy boots from the shoe repair place. they needed to be resoled. i'll be taking them off to Maine in a few days as Dillon and i head up to teach at Art in the Rough.