more Art in the rough, 2010

What can I say about Art-in-the-rough? it was magical. it was like being back at girl scout camp, only funner because i got to enjoy it with my son. We were fed well - every meal was well planned and delicious. there was a campfire every morning and every evening. we had hot showers and plenty of room to do our art and in our tents. there was a delicious lobster bake one evening where they cooked the lobster in a traditional Maine way in which they also cook still in its stalk, corn on the cob. yummy! there were snacks in between and desserts at every turn. i taught a jewelry class one day and then took a banner class with taryn the next. we finished off the evening with silly photographs (quite fun to see know!) and then dinner and a movie in the barn (Alice in Wonderland). the planning, details and menu. everyone walked away with a door prize, even dillon. i give an A+. this group worked hard to show us a good time in beautiful Maine and it was perfect.