Flea Market Friday - join in!

From the flea market last week, i scored ($60!) this awesome old storage piece. it seems to be some sort of old index holder of history stuff. not sure much more about it from there. there's a little shelf that pulls out and i believe it used to be covered with an index map of where to locate items in the storage piece. one piece i can read (it was ripped off, but there's a tiny snippet in the way back that i found) reads something about an image from some Spanish event.

but anyway, it's mine now and it is now an index for Lemoncholy goodness! it has 5 draws, all of which has been fillled with stuff i have found from the flea market over the past few years. What i love most about it, is that i can store my art books on top and i love how i can see them standing up like that.