Flea Market Friday - join in!

Hi and welcome to flea market friday. We show off our goodies the first Friday of every month and the rules are simple:

1) post about your flea market, antiquing, thrift store or garage sale items
2) link your blog post back here to flea market friday.


So having just returned from 2 weeks on the road where i was hauling a trailer with a wee bit of spare room in it, my friends and i decided to hit as many antique, flea markets and thrift stores that we could pack in. Wow, did we go to a lot. I think i wore my friend, Pam, out! It was fun to take pics of all the stores we went to.


my favorite purchases were these:

this is an old Revlon drug store advertising display. I'm sure at one time it must have held packets of eyeshadow. it is so cool and the light on the top actually works. i bought it for a steal at $50 -i thought it would be the coolest way to display jewelry.

my other favorite purchases were these vintage dresses found in Michigan. for the most part, they are in great shape; just need a good cleaning! another steal at $10 a piece!