heading out soon

I'm leaving on Friday, making my way out to Minneapolis, where i will be selling at The Creative Connection event. I'll be rooming with my pal, Ruth Rae (and yes, i'm bringing her some pork roll!) I'm not taking any classes, but the vending event looks like is going to be really amazing. the lineup for vendors has me drooling!

Along the way, i will be making pit stops at a few friends houses; kim in Ohio and Pam in Michigan. We will have some play time as well, so that will be fun. I'll be hauling a 5x8 trailer behind my SUV, so that should be interesting! It'll be a great way to spend my 46th birthday!

here is a pretty girl that will be going to the event with me. I call her "County Fair Girl" as she took first place in the local county fair (well, she wears a vintage ribbon giving her the title!)

i have so many fun items to sell at the event, but i've been keeping them under wraps. after i get set up, i'll take many photos and hopefully blog them while i am there!


in other news, I'll be in the fall issue of Boho magazine, so look for my "Boho Bangles". (not an article, just a blurb) i haven't received my copy yet, so i'm not sure what page they are on, but i'll keep you posted. you can see them here first though!


in other super exciting news, my girlfriend, Kim, just emailed me to tell me that my class at Artfest is sold out!


new update to the trip: on the way back home, i'll be staying with Laurie Meseroll ,for a few days so that i can hit one day of the Country Living Fair. Laurie will be at the EarthAngels tent in case you want to drop by and see all their wonderful work. I'm excited to get to do this as i sold there last year and it was really a good time. i met some wonderful people and really enjoyed the event. so i'll be playing with Laurie for a few days and then looking up people i met at the show last year. (i'll go surprise The Summerhouse girls) then i will finally come on home!

after i get home, it's time to prepare for Art-is-You where i will be teaching a few classes and taking a class with Laurie. busy month!