Baubles and Bling/NYC recap

Wednesday I went into NYC to meet up with Stephanie Rubanio and Pamela Huntington. Stephanie was showing at The One of a Kind Show and we were going to help her set up and then go play. When i finally arrived, they had a good part of the work done, so i didn't really help out too much (I was late due to the clerk not returning my credit card after a purchase made in Grand Central Station so i had to turn around to go back and get it)

We went out for a bite to eat, hit a fun clothing store, called Desigual (i got a super fun skirt there!) and then headed over to Tinsel Trading.


after parting ways at Tinsel Trading, I was "lost in NYC" for a bit. I couldn't for the life of me get a cab and of course i had no clue where i was or any clue about the location of Grand Central Station. (you know, you just hop in a cab and say "Grand Central Station" - the cabbie knows how to get there!) It was getting pretty dark and cold AND my cell phone was dying, so i had to turn it off (i needed enough juice to call Sallianne when i arrived at the train station in Scarsdale). Finally i wandered upon a vintage clothing store and went inside for refuge and to try and figure out what in the heck i was going to do. The young clerks had no clue how to direct me, but then a gentlemen came in and he told me exactly where i needed to go (i had made the executive decision that i would be walking to GST). So that was fun! (well, not really!) I was so happy to finally arrive at the train station, got a glass of wine and caught my train back to Scarsdale. I took these 2 pics on my walk to the station.

this is a church that i thought looked so lovely with the clouds behind the steeple.

Back at Sal's we had some dinner and started getting some things organized for Baubles and Bling. Sal told me a funny story of how the wind had kicked up something awful during the day and ripped all the plastic lining they had put up around the outside porch area and how she and the mailman were chasing the plastic down the street. (i actually would have enjoyed watching that!)

Thursday miss Sal, Roseanne and I worked our tails off unpacking, organizing and merchandising all the various artists that were participating.

this is a funny pic as we were making fun of ourselves for playing with our phones and talking to each other on facebook.


our project for Pam's theater class - fun time!

Miss Queen Bee is dressed for the theater enjoying her tea and crumpets.

progress of my theater