Silver Sunday and guest blogging today

Whoops, i forgot it was Silver Sunday over at Gypsy Fish Studio- good thing she knows me well and just reminded me - thanks Beth!

Okay, I'm going to show off me deliciously patina'd silver punch bowl that i picked up at a garage sale last spring for $8- yummy! it was one of those items that i almost pushed an old lady out of the way for (ok, kidding, but not really......) When not in holiday mode, we actually use it for our candy bowl (my husband has this thing about having a well stocked candy bowl).

After commandeering it for my own selfish reasons (reason being, it's mine and i had always intended to put vintage glass balls in it!) - i filled it to the rim with some of the Christmas balls from my vintage collection. The bunny is one of Valerie Weberpal's and she is wearing the cutest polka dot dress, so i decided she needed to bathe in all that vintage glory. (don't mind the goggles, those are for our puppy and it was the first place i saw to put them!)


and in other news:

I'm over at guest blogging today, come on by to see my latest project!

also, my fun star wands were featured on Mod Podge Rocks, thanks Amy!

(i hope you enjoy my picture of Gracie posing in her bow with the tree in the background. she was such a good girl!)