Happy New Year 2011

Wow, 2011 is here. Are you ready for a new year? i 'm sort of fighting this year as big changes are coming with both Dillon and Tucker graduating from school. Dillon will be heading off to Full Sail University in Florida and Tucker will enter into the adult education program at his school (which is an entirely different program, all new things to get use to).

We had a lovely holiday with friends Tom and Lesley here. We had kashie, our new puppy around keeping us all quite busy.

Lesley and i did a present exchange. we decided we would make something out of the Charlotte dolls. I made her a tree topper and she made me a lightable Santos. (i'll show pics later as i have no energy to take any just yet, see why below..) She also gave me a beautiful vintage corsette (which i LOVE) that we are hoping will fit me. if not, it will go around one of my manikins.(and only a true artsy friend who gets what you like can get away with giving such a gift!) She did such a great job of recapping their visit, that I'm going to send you over to Lesley's blog to read all about their holiday here.

Jeff, Dillon and I are recovering from food poisoning so we did no celebrating last night other than being grateful we were no longer dealing with all that nastiness that accompanies food poisoning. (i'm gonna go on the record and say this was probably in the severe category). We are recovering today; all quite tired with little energy. Tucker was unaffected (he is fed via g-tube) and i am grateful that he was not involved. both he and kashie had to fend for themselves a good part of the day and they were both good boys.

i'm am off to rest again. looking forward to gaining back my appetite and taking a hot shower.

Happy New Year!