giveaway coming soon

I'm still under the weather with this stomach thing. i swear you'd think i was off in some foreign country drinking water out of the spicket or something........... i started taking probiotics yesterday and am hoping that will start making my tummy feel better. I am determined to get out of the house today- getting a little bored!

So I was noticing that my readership is about to hit 444, which is my all time favorite number! So i've decided to do a giveaway when i reach that mark, so keep your eyes out! Not sure what the giveaway is yet, but it'll be something good!

If you did the Valentine's Swap with me, I'm mailing out tomorow!

update: wow, you guys are fast! i thought it would take me a little bit to get there as my numbers tend to inch their way up! so, we have past 444, so guess i'd better get my rear in gear as they say!