Impromptu Flea Market Friday

We actually had some decent weather last week, so a few friends (Jane, Beth and Tori) and i hit our favorite Thursday flea market and got our fix. Saw other peeps out enjoying the day as well (Abbie, Holly, Nicola, Stephanie) we all seemed to have the same sort of feeling; that we needed a flea market fix, it was good to be outside, the sun was shining and it was fairly warm. life couldn't be better!

warning, i found lots of creepy dolls; please be kind to them! a few of them i plan to alter in some manner, but a few of them i kept, cleaned, redress and added them throughout the studio.


here's one of the dolls i got. She cleaned up really well and got a new dress. now doesn't she look sweet holding her vintage parasol as she sits in my studio soaking in all that creativity?


If you feel like sharing your latest treasures, leave your link here: