digital fun

week 2

I'm playing along with Jen Osborn's "What are U up to today?" where we check in on Wednesdays to show what we are doing. So here's a picture of me playing in the virtual world as i work on my digital collage.

I've been taking an online course called digital magic with Marie Otero and really having fun. I'm getting to do all the things with my photos that i wanted to do digitally. it's been great to alter artwork as well. this session is almost over, but you can get on her email list and she'll contact you the next time she does it again. She is attentive, patient and didn't mind holding my hand a bit! i've found her lessons to be clear, concise and easy to follow. Anything i haven't understood, i just pop her a question about it and she lead me in the right direction! my review? well worth it!

This cute little bird, a Thrush, is from a picture my mom took a few days ago at her place (Bass Lake, CA). i thought he was so dang cute, he needed his own collage!


tomorrow i will post pics of the project that jane and i worked on this weekend! and don't forget, there's still a few more days to enter the giveaway for a chance (x3) for Melody Ross's next session of Soul Restoration.