blogging series by Seth Apter

My buddy, Seth of The Altered Page, is doing a series on blogging tips over at Create Mix Media. Looks to be a good one, so pop on over there.

here some of the great questions he posed to himself:

"Since discovering art blogs, I have asked myself many different questions at different points along my journey. What makes a blog ‘successful’ and how is success even defined? Why do some blogs seem to get all the attention, visitors, and comments while others don’t? Should an artist’s blog be devoted to art, to personal issues, or perhaps a combination of both? Can a post have too many words or not enough pictures (like this one)? How can I get a bigger audience and should I even care about that? Should I pay attention to the number of hits I get and all those other stats? Will my readers come back if I take a break or change the style of my art? Is anybody even reading what I write?"


The dynamics of a popular blog are complex because it all depends on what others are looking for. Some people absolutely HATE music on other blogs and I've even have people say they absolutely will not read a blog with music on it. I don't agree with that (that's what my mute button is for!), but that's their opinion and they are part of that invisible viewership out there that make up the world of blog stats. Personally, I like blogs with lots of visual imagery in their posts. I like a combination of personal and art infused into blogs (like mine). I like blogs where the writer has a quirky sense of humor. I don't like blogs that are too political, negative or mean spirited. I know some people worry about comments and why they don't get many. I think people are just too busy to leave comments. They want to read and move on, because their time is limited. If a blog post really hits home with them, they will leave a comment. I don't get caught up in stats as i think that takes the fun out of what my blog is for me, fun and a cyber diary of sorts. I do think the more you blog, the better. (meaning don't wait too long between postings, as you will lose your readers) But again, remember, these are just how i like things. others have their likes and dislikes and there we come to the beginning again of what appeals to others!

I will be participating in Seth's series because I am always willing and eager to learn something new.



I am excited to announce that I will be teaching a class at Tinsel Trading in NYC on June 25th. Details coming soon!