A day in Seattle

On Sunday, Pam and I headed back into Seattle to spend one more night before leaving on Monday. We had a nice dinner with my friend, Sara. Pam left early in the morning and then I had all day to play with Sara as I was taking the red eye home late in the evening.
So the next day I got up early and walked around Pike Place Market before Sara came and got me. We then spent the day going around to some of her favorite spots. We had a wonderful day and the weather was beautiful. Enjoy my day about Seattle!

Street art seen about town


adorable little doggie at an antique venue. I wanted to kidnap her so bad! her name was Squirt.


Pam photographs me during lunch as i play the rock star/celebrity wearing sunglasses inside (the lighting was irritating my eyes......)


display window at Louis Vuitton - loved the lighting around the purse!


more wonderful street art, by artist, Ryan Henry Ward.


carved graffiti on wood tables in the market

as seen at Pike Place Market


grabbing a coffee at the first Starbuck's to open in Seattle, 1971


Sara took me to her favorite park overlooking the Puget sound. So beautiful and look at the color of that water!


A capelet made of coffee filters as seen at The Restore. They are having a trash fashion show there tomorrow. looks like it'll be a lot of fun!


While in Ballard, Sara at I went into a little artsy clothing store and found a really cool artist name Jesse Link. his look is really cool, kind of hard for me to described; sort of street inspired/collage, nature plus modern? this is what how his bio reads:

"A self taught Painter Jesse normally focuses on color and shape while his themes range from subtle social/political to Northwest inspired"

i really wanted to take some pictures of the pieces in the store, my favorite was a huge bird egg; but alas i think i was tired and never did. he also painted some great chickadees. check out his work!


Walking around Olympic sculpture park, I got a perfect picture view of Seattle's major landmark, The Space Needle, towering behind a sculpture.


the sun setting over the Pugent sound


Our last stop before she dropped me off at the airport, in Georgetown, we discovered this pretty little building. It was a mystery to us as to what it was, so of course I had to look it up. We had our guesses and we were right. Check here if you are curious in nature like me!


Dillon and I are leaving for Florida tomorrow. We are driving since airfare during spring break to Orlando, Florida was way out of our budget! We are going to check out his school of choice, Full Sail University, look at apartments and get the layout of the land. See you in a week!