need some inspiration?

(photo by Austin Kleon)

Austin Kleon, author Newspaper Blackout, wrote a really great article on notes and drawing called


It's long, but well worth the read! i really liked the section, "Fake it til you make it". I've long subscribe to the theory of confidence that if you act confident, you will feel confident and thus others will perceive you as confident! Feeling confident is 3/4 of the battle over low self esteem.

here's how he breaks down his story:

1) Steal like an artist
2) Don't wait until you know who you are to start making things.
3) Write the book you want to read
4) Use your hands
5) Side projects and hobbies are important
6) The secret: do good work, then put it where people can see it
7) Geography is no longer our master
8) Be nice. (the world is a small town.)
9) Be boring. (it's the only way to get any work done.)
10) Creativity is subtraction

(photo by Austin Kleon)

Also, i suggest making a blackout poem - so fun!

here' s what you do (courtesy of Austin Kleon):

How to make a Newspaper Blackout Poem:
Grab a newspaper.
Grab a marker.
Find an article.
Cross out words, leaving behind the ones you like.
Pretty soon you’ll have a poem.

my poem read like this:
Cool, brisk air pledges to dedicate making lives better.


also i made a button out of my Grief painting from yesterday. you are welcome to take it for your blog if it is something that resonates with you. xoxo