words of wisdom

saw this on fb today from my friend, Lisa Ann Donahue.

"Check your motive behind why you do things. When you do something out of the kindness of your heart, but feel "used", were you really doing it expecting "nothing" in return? Maybe your kindness did have strings attached. When we do things expecting "nothing" in return we don't feel "used". Of course there is a "return" on everything we do, just might not be in then form you gave it"!

i know a few people who often do things for the wrong reason and end up feeling this exact way, so it really is something to think about when asking ourselves the motivation behind our intent. learning to give freely without expectations is the key to being surprised in the end when something good comes our way (related to the deed or not!)

something to think about!

i'm off to Artfest tomorrow- i'll check in when i can!