beauty at the beach: Nags Head, NC 2011

I tend to take a lot of nature photos, which is mostly what my vacation pictures are.  hope you enjoy.

Anthology of a sunrise, 6:05am:


the view from my room!

the house was 3 levels, with an elevator, a pool, hot tub, 10 bedrooms, plenty of bathrooms and a HUGE living area on the 3rd floor where the kitchen, dining room and tv were located. each floor had a deck. It was so spacious and i was lucky to be able to have a room with an ocean view. each night i left my door open and fell asleep with the sounds of waves crashing.


beach shots:


Jeep ride to see the wild Mustangs of Currituck. We were fortunate to get to see a 2month old "gilley" (wild female baby)


the dunes at kitty hawk:

 a variety of birds seen on my little excursions:


my trip to Pea Island, a nature preserve on Hatteras:

what an amazing vacation and i want to thank my friends Lesley and Tom for inviting me along. there is something about the beach that is soothing to the soul and comforting to the heart. As with any vacation, it is sad to see it come to an end. but there's always next year.