flea market friday next week

can you believe that i have not been to a flea market in A LONG TIME? you know that is rare for me. My friend, Jane and i, are either going to Columbus tomorrow or Ocean Grove on Saturday (or both), so i figured, we could do a Flea Market Friday next Friday, June 10th. If you don't know what FMF is, its just a little blog gathering where you do a blog post featuring items you have found at the flea market, estate sales, antique store, thrift store, etc. Create a blog post for Friday, June 10th and then come over here to log into the linky that you will find under my post. then we can all hop around and see what sort of goodies we have found lately. don't worry, it can be something you found a few months ago, or something you found recently. We just want to see the goodies!


in other news, tucker is feeling much better. i want to thank everyone for their kind comments and thoughts for my sweetie pie. he went back to school yesterday. he came home very tired, poor guy. hopefully each day will get be better than the next. He's graduating on June 9th though, so he actually doesn't have many days left in the school year.

i randomly did a little sewing a few days ago and created a shower curtain for my bathroom. It's been on my to do list, so i finally tackled it. it's quite heavy! this picture was taken in the hallway as the bathroom is very tiny and it's to hard to snap a photo in there. the shower is one of those stalls, so thus the smaller rod......