Graduation day

Today Dillon graduates from high school. where has the time gone? i'm a bit shocked actually.... I'm wondering if i'll be a weepy mess tonight.......I'll post grad pictures later. I'm off early in the morning to get visit Lesley. Looking forward to it.

i'll leave with this sweet little photo of a baby blue jay who dropped by for a visit this afternoon. I had gone onto the back deck to retrieve my book and saw a blue jay take off rather quickly. Since blue jays rarely come on the deck, i was immediately suspect. I need not look any further as this little guy was staring intently at me thru one of the deck railings. he seemed very sleepy as if to say " fledging is quite tiring and i am stopping for a little siesta". i even watched him close his eyes for a moment. When we returned from lunch, he was gone again. take care little guy.



the ceremony was wonderful. I am so proud of Dillon!