Art in the Garden and Brimfield

Back from a super busy, but fun weekend. Friday I hit my junky flea market, Collingswood, before heading up North to go pick up Jane on my way to Scarsdale, New York to teach at Art in the Garden, part of the summer series for Art is You (that was a mouthful!). I got to meet her new little kit-n, Pixie (so cute!)

then we drove to Sal's house, where she and Max eagerly awaited our arrival. We had a lovely Greek dinner before hitting the hay early as we were getting up at 4am to head to the Brimfield Antique show.


The ride to Brimfield is about 2.5 hours from Sal's. We drove in 2 cars and made a quick pit stop to pick up, fellow partner in crime, Colleen before heading on our way. Colleen pointed out some devastating damage to the area outside Brimfield, recently hit by a tornado. It was massive destruction and sad to see.

We saw Diane Keaton towards the end of the day- so that was fun. (and yes, that booth was full of vintage, $5 tablecloths!)

me just fooling around with the Colonel


here's a few more pics of the altered chandy that I picked up. It's quite cool (and heavy!) i still haven't decided if it is a keeper or if i will take to California next year to sell in a show. time will tell!


On Sunday I taught a class to some fine ladies (most of whom i know quite well!). we had a lovely day working on our projects. We created a project that I did for the book, Resinate - so it was fun to see the projects come alive with their own style and personality.