kitty friend

So how are you surviving the heat? it's been brutal, let me tell you. During the heat wave, a kitty showed up at my back door and began hanging around. We've been feeding "kitty friend", who is very sweet. The heat was concerning with this little guy, but i was at a loss of what more i could do since my dogs kept chasing him and my other kitty and him got into a fight. So i had to let it go and do the best i could and that was offer food and water and some quality petting. I suspected he might belong to someone, so after a few days i set out to the new neighborhood to inquire.

Sure enough, he does have owners and apparently he had run away. His name is Jude and he is a bit of a wanderer. He doesn't like their dog, a sweet golden retriever, but she is young and barks ALOT. Plus they have 5 children, so i think its a little, um, hectic, over there. i think he likes the quiet of my backyard. So anyway, last night i scooped him up when he made his evening appearance and made a show about returning the missing kitty. i was so happy to be returning a missing pet. however, he was very tense in my arms the whole entire walk over and i sort of got the feeling that he wasn't all that keen on returning home. I wished him well with a wink and said, "i'll be seeing you".

So this morning, early, i am outside watering after my walk and who comes sauntering up, but kitty friend. hmm, what a surprise! i think he has chosen where he prefers to be. but maybe i am just one stop out of many as he makes his way around the hood, sort of like, "Six dinner Sid".