lending my touch to The Nest

ive been busy getting ready for Pam Carriker, who is coming to teach a class on Saturday.

she'll be staying in "The Nest" (aka, the camper). we've had the camper for about 4 years now and i've just left it as it came(meaning i didn't pimp it up!). initially it was suppose to be a spot where my husband could go and chill (a man camper). but he wasn't using it, so i decided to start using it as a guest house. it's great for when friends come to visit or if i am hosting an instructor. (Michael deMeng will stay here in October)

in September, a few friends are coming to stay with me, so it got me thinking about putting my artsy touch on the camper. so that's what i have been doing for the last few days. i've brought in some art, some vintage items, added some vintage linens, made a new curtain for the back room (the curtain acts as a door).

i also made a cool banner and today i created this wall hanging to pump up one of the plain walls. ive been having fun.